Cold Milling

Whether the needs of your project require Full Depth removal or Milling for an overlay, Precision Cold Planing has the right machines for you.

The terms Cold Milling or Grinding are typically used to describe the removal of the upper 1" to 4" of an existing asphalt surface by a Cold Planing machine. This method is used when the underlying surface (subgrade) is structurally sound, allowing for the installation of a new surface and/or wearing courses.

The term Full Removal is typically used when the existing structural section is showing distress, requiring removal and often time a redesigned stronger structural section for complete roadways or parking lots. The Full Removal method can also be used for repairing isolated areas that show distress or section failure. which is usually coupled with the installation of full depth asphalt.

Not only does the Cold Milling process offer a cost effective method of removal, it has also become an excellent tool in today’s recycling efforts. As precious as our natural resources are, recycling has never been more important! The materials generated by the Cold Milling method are being used both as an alternative in road base materials as well as a substitute for a percentage of the raw materials used in new asphalt concrete products.

Here at Precision Cold Planing we believe that No project is too Big or Small.With our diverse line of Cold Milling equipment and resources, our customers can rest assured we have their project needs covered.