Not only is pulverization a key component in the Soil Stabilization process, but it also offers a wider variety of options to today’s construction methods.

As part of the Full-Depth Reclamation process, in-place pulverization is used to create a homogenous mixture of the once existing asphalt structural street section. This not only offers a considerable overall cost savings of approximately 25% to 50%, but a far superior base material product known as PMB (Pulverized Miscellaneous Base). Many agencies, including Caltrans, have recognized it’s benefits and have incorporated it in their specifications as a stand process.

But the use of Pulverization doesn’t stop there. Many contractors use Pulverizers with the application of Soil Amendments. What once was a slow process of turning in soil additives and amendments with motor graders often yielding an uneven mixture has now become a streamlined efficiant alternative offering both a true homogenous blend at a fraction of the time... and cost!

So if you find yourself in need of a cost saving base material alternative or soil amendment project, Precision Cold Planing has the equipment and know how to facilitate your projects every need.